Ever since it was founded, Serdaneli has always striven for precision.
Discover the world and history of the brand in figures.


Serdaneli is founded

Serdaneli was founded in Paris in 1975 by an industrial designer passionate about watchmaking. His idea was to design door handles as one would design a watch. He focused on the overall shape of the object, its finishes and component materials. These proved such a success that he then turned his attention to handles on pieces of furniture, taps, and more.


Arrondissement of Paris

Serdaneli was first established in this industrial district of Paris, right where the watch and car manufacturers that kept the city moving in the 19th and 20th centuries were located. It is this culture of innovation and technical research that has shaped the identity of Serdaneli.


Avenue de Friedland – Paris

“La Salle de Bains Française” presents the finest creations by Serdaneli and Cristal&Bronze. In a 150 m2 showroom, just a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées, you will be welcomed by an attentive staff, dedicated to give you the best possible assistance for each of your projects.


Yachts over 30 meters equipped by Serdaneli

Drawing on its exceptional products, Serdaneli has developed a high level of expertise in equipping yachts. This passion for the world of yachting can be found in the esthetic of some key models crafted by Serdaneli, such as ranges like the Naja or the Profile.



Serdaneli offers all its collections of taps and fittings in a wide range of metal finishes: from the most traditional – such as chrome or nickel – to the most prestigious, such as 24-carat gold. These finishes are also available in gloss, matt or velvet.


Stone inserts

No less than 32 stones are inlaid into a Square tap. Designed like pieces of jewellery, the most elaborate creations by Serdaneli are the result of precision setting. This perfect result is obtained in close partnership with the design studio and workshops.


Serdaneli offers its ranges of decorative taps and fittings by drawing on all the possibilities of its materials library. Semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl, crystal, marble, porcelain… Nevertheless, this wide selection is not exhaustive, and Serdaneli can recreate models using materials supplied by their customers.


To create high quality collections of taps and hardware, Serdaneli collaborates with carefully selected partners.


Serdaneli has teamed up with J.L Coquet to release a new line of faucets with a Limoges porcelain crosspiece inspired by the iconic “Hémisphère” model. Since 1824, J.L Coquet has been making tableware porcelain. Indeed, its hallmark is a whiteness now acknowledged as one of the whitest and finest anywhere in the world.

Serdaneli has chosen to entrust the realization of the Trianon, Princesse and Sovereign handles to Pauly Factory, a German company specialized in the cutting of fine stones and located in Idar-Oberstein, capital of cutters, engravers and finishers of precious stones. Pauly Factory is recognized worldwide for the high technicality of its craftsmen and its concern for perfection at each stage of the stone processing.

To revisit its Sky and Chester lines, Serdaneli has chosen a renowned Parisian craftsman named Franck Benito. The cut he has created emphasizes the crystal and complements the metal. Set in a geometric frame, the cut crystal piece awakens the senses. Sight first: Franck Benito’s cut reveals the crystal by letting the light pass through. Then touch: this gentle cut gives the crystal an unsuspected softness

To make the crystal cabochons for its Coco series, Serdaneli has called on the unique expertise of Ematek, a remarkable player in French crystal making. This workshop is intimately familiar with the technique of working crystal by blowtorch, making it a sought-after supplier of the most famous couturiers and leather craftsmen. No matter the field of application, Ematek makes all of its pieces by hand in France.

Thanks to its partnership with Jaune de Chrome, Serdaneli offers a range of porcelain basins with exclusive colours and textures. By mastering the high heat enamel process, Jaune de Chrome is an exception among Limoges porcelain. The handcrafted enamel and the magic of the fire transform the raw materials. Each piece is unique, neither exactly the same nor really different.

Serdaneli has entrusted the creation of its Sakura inserts to Tomioka, a Japanese company specialising in Kabazaiku, the craft of the cherry tree bark. This traditional Japanese craft was developed in the Kakunodate region and brings out the beauty of the barks of the wild cherry trees that blossom in the Japanese mountains. Tomioka has been passing on its unique skills since 1970.

For its Valençay and Rambouillet decorated crystal collections, Serdaneli has chosen to work with Vista Alegre, a Portuguese brand known around the world for its porcelain, glass, and crystal pieces. Synonymous with excellence, tradition, and modernity since 1824, Vista Alegre has captivated the international decor market. With a heritage dating back over one hundred years and unique expertise, Vista Alegre is today recognised as manufacturing some of the finest crystals in the world.

The crystal handles of the Quadrille collection are made by Waltersperger, a century-old glass and crystal producer, which has become a benchmark in the glass-making tradition of the “Glass Vallée” in Normandy, the heart of French crystal making since the 15th century. The first glassmaker to install semi-automatic machines, today Waltersperger stands at the crossroads of expertise and innovation.

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